Italian fringes manufacturer - 100% Made in Italy

Internal production of fringes made in many models, with different yarns and in a wide range of colours. The fringes can be made in different lengths, up to 60cm and according to the client needs. They are often used as an accessory to embellish an item of clothing or enhance a dress or a pair of shoes.

Different types of fringes:

  • Cotton fringes
  • Recycled cotton fringes
  • Linen fringes
  • Lamé fringes
  • Raffia fringes
  • Polyestere fringes
  • Rayon fringes
  • Looped fringes
  • Elastic fringes
  • Chain fringes
  • Printed fringes
  • Wool fringes
  • Chenille fringes
  • Buillon fringes
  • Tassels fringes

The Roncari Piero company offers the possibility of creating bespoke fringes according to the customer specification, as well as offering new collections annually.